Plastic Bottle tops art installations

Dear All,

We need your help to prepare for an exciting art project please!

Cordelia Gold (Brookburn mum of Esme and Tasmin) creates art installations from discarded plastic bottle tops, turning litter into something beautiful and interesting and preventing it from ending up in landfills or our oceans.

Over the forthcoming academic year, all of our children will have the opportunity to contribute their ideas and designs and get involved in creating our very own Brookburn bottle top art installations.

In the office is a set of storage drawers where we are collecting plastic bottle tops any colour, shape or size e.g. from water, cordial, milk, bleach, fabric conditioner and fizzy drinks bottles, to name a few.

Please collect and donate yours and ensure they have been washed and then drop them into the colour-coded drawers in the school office reception area.

To see examples of Cordelia’s bottle-top art, please take a look:

The PTA will fund the cost of the other materials such as screws and MDF.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Emma Shale (PTA Secretary) and Emily Henderson (Deputy Head)

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