About the PTA

This page will hopefully answer all your questions about the PTA. If not, please get in touch!

Who is in the PTA?1979681_562624663844921_938565006_n
We all are. Parents/carers/teachers in the Brookburn community are automatically members of the PTA. It is not an exclusive group; it is simply an evolving group of people contributing in their own, valuable way.

The PTA is its volunteers. They (you!) are the PTA.

How does it work?
Brookburn PTA is completely dependent on help from willing volunteers; be it their time, ideas, skills or enthusiasm. The perfect example is the existence of this website, created by a volunteer Brookburn parent!

Volunteers are essential to organising and running all of our fundraising events and activities, from discos, fairs, cake bakes, Brookburn PTA lottery, raffles and quiz nights.

14656421_1119525051488210_3415771666961396654_nWhat is the money spent on?
The money we make allows the school to fund enriching resources and experiences for Brookburn kids. In the past PTA money has funded the creation of the amazing Dolphin Den, IT equipment, EYFS play area, climbing wall and play equipment in main playgrounds. Every year, we also fund 25% of the cost of the Ghyll Head school trip for Year 6, provide classroom resource budgets for teachers and maintain the Dolphin Den and EYFS play areas.

Who decides what the money is spent on?
The PTA agrees its fundraising objectives for each forthcoming academic year and all parents are invited to contribute to this process and propose ideas.

Fundraising objectives are directly aligned with the needs of the teachers and children.

What is the current focus?
We are raising money to fund the improvements to our Reception playground and will be voting on our objectives for 2017/18 in the coming weeks.

What are future plans?
Longer-term fundraising objectives are also being scoped; such as ideas around additional musical / artistic activities to benefit all kids.
Development of Treasure Wood.
Other ideas and insights are welcomed. Please contact us.

How do the PTA Meetings work?
The PTA Meetings are open to all and are advertised in the calendar and on the Facebook page, but you do not have to attend to be involved.

There are 1 or 2 meetings per term and there is an agenda and minutes taken and distributed.

We plan events, discuss logistics, agree actions and feed back on our findings. We also have some fun along the way and have been known to end up in the pub.

How do people get involved?
Some activities you can participate in to support the PTA and school:

  • Come along and contribute to a PTA meeting, but this is absolutely not a condition of being involved.
  • Volunteer a skill you have such as face-painting, web development, graphic design.
  • Volunteer to help at an event.

Event Volunteers10301513_806211669486218_7279290924196140428_n

Our events rely on volunteers and there are many ways to lend your support, before, during and after events. To name a few:

  • Help set up an event: unpack supplies and arrange items for sale, put up posters, bunting, gazebos.
  • Host/man a stall for an hour or propose your own idea for a stall and get a team together
  • Bake a cake or something tasty for the cake stall; serve drinks and cakes
  • Wash old, donated school uniform for selling
  • Go shopping for supplies
  • Clear up for half an hour at the end: put away tables and chairs, rubbish in bags etc, take down signs, bunting and gazebos, put boxes back into storage unit.
  • Help to sell your child’s allocated raffle tickets in advance of the Fairs
  • Donate raffle prizes, wine, old toys, books or jars of sweets and toys for the tombola.
  • Ask your workplace to donate prizes for the raffle
  • Buddy-up with fellow parents to watch each other’s kids for an hour before, during or after events to enable one of you to volunteer and contribute some time
  • Bring your kids & family members to school events & enjoy socialising with other kids, families & teachers.

Maintenance Volunteers

Our outdoor spaces need regular maintenance and we always volunteers to get involved with gardening and outside maintenance in the EYFS area, Treasure Wood and The Dolphin Den throughout each term to do:

  • Tree felling, dry hedge building, wood chipping
  • Pruning, willow weaving
  • Path laying, fence building, dry river bed and mud kitchen building
  • Tidying up, litter picking, sand pit filling, wood chip distribution.