It is illegal to park on single yellow lines around school during the restricted times of 8am to 9.30am & 3 to 4.30pm. By doing this, you cause:

  • Visibility problems for adults and kids trying to cross
  • An impaired view of people crossing for other drivers having to drive around you
  • Congestion and dangerous manoeuvres as cars have to get past you
  • A domino effect as other cars then copy you, often blocking dropped curbs
  • Finally, if you sit in your car to watch your child get into school safely, you are endangering other children in the process!

We want to stamp out dangerous parking at school. Here are a few things you can do to help achieve this:

  1. Find out more about parking on the GMP web site and pass on to others.
  2. If you see people parking illegally, take a photograph and tweet @BrookburnParkin or note their number plate and email it to We will upload to twitter on your behalf and send to the school to keep a record. Persistent offenders will be contacted.
  3. Tell partners/family members/friends who may not read this to be aware of where they can and can’t park – THE DROPPED CURB IS A BAD PLACE TO PARK AT ANY TIME OF DAY!

Thank you for supporting this vital campaign.