Remembering Mrs Galloway

Thank you to Joanne Gibbons for her kind donation to us in memory of her late Mum and former Brookburn school teacher Freda Galloway.

Mrs Galloway was working at the school in March 1981 when a huge fire took hold in the dining room.  A newspaper report from the time says pupils were eating their lunch when a tar boiler on the roof above them caught fire.  “Fanned by a strong wind, flames raced through the roof of the building”.

Joanne tells us that her mother was responsible for helping the children to safety.  She and another teacher passed the children out of a window! No one was injured in the fire but the newspaper report dramatically notes that 48 children ‘escaped with their lives’.  Unfortunately some of them will have lost some personal belongings – and a lot of school equipment was also damaged in the blaze.

Mrs Galloway retired in 1992.  We are very grateful to her family for their generosity and also for the memories they have shared with us.