Treasure Wood

If you go down to the woods today…’d better believe your eyes!

We have a great location here at Brookburn School and are surrounded by lots of open space. We don’t take this for granted and have developed an area – named Treasure Wood – which is used by our children during their everyday learning and also in a more specialised ‘forest school’ capacity in conjunction with ‘We Are Adventurers’.

Creating Treasure Wood and incorporating it into the school environment was the natural next step after the development of the Dolphin Den. There is a larger area within the woodlands for children to run around and whereas in the Den we have created natural playspaces with willow weaved tunnels and a sand pit – in Treasure Wood, the children are able to find their own fun within the natural environment.

There is an informal outdoor area with a tarpaulin cover, creating a meeting/teaching point in the centre of the woodland. Nursery children take part in Easter Egg hunts here, other school members learn about den building or how to make nettle tea.

We at the PTA contribute to the maintenance of this area and many families helped build the dead hedge which marks its boundary at a ‘Den Day’ in Summer 2017.

Paul and the team at ‘We Are Adventurers’ operate onsite and keep it free of rubbish. They also run forest school sessions for Brookburners within school hours and many of our children attend after school sessions in the woodland too.